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‘…As I was reading this Donnie’s song just keeps playing in my head;
“I know that faith is easy
when everything is going well
But can you still believe in Me
when your life’s a living hell?
And when all the things around you
seem to quickly fade away
There’s just one thing
I really want to know
Will you let go?….”

The above was a part of my FAB sister Suzy’licious comment on my previous post on ‘The Battle…The WAR, and i instantly knew this was gonna be the koko of my next #WeekendBant. SONGS!!!!

Plus sometime recently, Titi’licious, another FAB sister of mine put up as her BBM Personal message, ‘…Faith makes a fool of what makes sense…’ and i ping her sharpaly to know the song name and title. Twas HillSong, Here now (Madness)

Guys, let’s share our Christian playlists abeg. Time to toss out those unedifying…

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My first rodeo on the runway!

How you doing Beautiful!

I’m starting out today with a flash back.

Let me roll the tape to a few months back when Team Jagabeauty had her first rodeo on the runway. Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Creative Director and Head Designer of Nigerian fashion brand ‘Ejiro Amos Tafiri’ called me up and asked that Jagabeauty handle the makeup for her fashion show which was hosted by City People Magazine last year, November 2014 to honor her. 

Ejiro-Amos-tafiri-City-People-Magazine-Fashion-Show-with-Makeup-by-Jagabeauty-Studio-20I was super excited and knew I had to rise up to the task! We’ve worked with her before on the release of her 2015 Luxury Resort Collection titled “The Madame” as the official makeup artist and loved every bit of that shoot and working with her- her designs are WOW and unique especially this collection. I gathered my team members together and told them we were going to have fun while working, putting our…

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Friday, 23.01.2015

Is January almost over already?

The begining of this year has been a transitioning period for me (lollll you have no idea just how transitioning) and I want to make a shout out to my 3best friends who have been the best indeed, helping me through each hurdle *bisous* *bisous*

Life . . .
Oh life. like a tidal wave, its so easy to miss the way, or forget “the purpose” altogether.


I love shiny things, I love petite things. I love big things. Mostimes I love the big things in small sizes. I love pink things and kisses. I love sweet things and dizzy dancing. Free hours and my locks flying in the wind. I love those little pleasures. and the big explosions. I love the lights. the cameras. the action. I love shoes and the bounce. I love clothes, I love them cropped and crawling up my thighs, lol. I am a lover and I love love!

The big question however,
Do I love me?
Do I “know” me, to begin with??


Lisening keenly to my Pastor as I sit on one of those elevated cinema hall chairs, I watch him pace the stage, passion in his voice, he talks about vision.
A simple yet all encompassing message that will haut me down till I hear “Weldone ‘Good and Faithful’ servant, you have completed your run!” (paraphrased)

Vision is the only reason I am here on earth.
Look at a manufacturer for example, he thinks of a product, defines it’s use(s) and then creates it! (ok maybe that’s not super explicit but) my point, God has a specific assignment He created and put me on earth for. That is the me that defines me. My true essence.

I could never love myself right if I haven’t first understood my worth!
then the wind will blow by, I’d ask where it’s going, and irrespective of it’s destination, I’d hitch the ride.

I’m tired of failing!
I’m tired of falling, getting up and falling again!

The truth is, no matter how strong you are, there is an enemy ever ready to tug, tug, tug, and tug at you till you become too weak to stand, or maybe consider that sitting is an “ok” option.

. . .

“Tho there be the good and permissive will, God still wants for us, His PERFECT will”

I saw a Display Picture on my Time Line two nights ago, the words of a very wise man ~Mark Twain, it read: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why!”

I look at the picture and I nod my head like “hmmm rhema wurrd! hmmm hmmm”

But I’m still here going through this indecisive phase? living like I dont know my purpose? (when there was this day God showed it to me).

The Question is, why don’t I love myself enough to start living out the dream?
Why don’t I love myself enough to let myself be great? Why am I so illusioned by the tidal waves that has upturned many a ship! (heheh ok)


My life is full of so much possibilities. so many things I can do and would love to do (oh don’t let me get started on that, lol)

Dear God, thank You for the special people You’ve given me who SEE ME and try to show me to me when my vision gets blurry. for the boo who keeps pushing me to progress. for it was while having one of our “progress town” chats that I stood up with vexation (not literally) and re-convinced myself that I am #MadeForMore.

Enough of living my life like I’m just a sailor passing through!

Today, I challenge myself to accomplish great feats (it begins from this note you see, cuz I aint wrote in a mighty long time)

I challenge myself (and someone else) to greatness everyday

To .  .  .



Because God loves me and you so much He gave us an amazing reason to live! #FindIt and #DoIt #GodIsLove

follow people who remind you to dream” ~rema rhed.

Life is too short to wear boring lip color!

I have a special love for lip colors, but not just the regular ones *big grin*
I don’t think I’m exactly adventurous by nature, but when it comes to what color I wear on my lips, oh honey, I go all the way. 
For me, these colors are about… let me see… giving life to my face? well it usually depends on how well I rock it. And each time I wear it, I indeed rock it!
Somedays I feel like blue lips, I don’t have a blue lipstick but that isn’t going to stop me when I have a Zaron blue eye pencil. Lol yes! And then one Sunday I felt like black lips for church. My black lipstick is not a good black matte lipstick, but hello, I got my Maybelline Kajal. 
The thing about wearing such daring colors is ‎the confidence you pull when you do wear them…

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Lipgloss that will stay on your lips for Africa!

I don’t mean to put anyone down ehnnn, but there was one ‘matte’ gloss I used one time and I had to keep my mouth like this *yuck* (ok I didn’t find the appropriate smiley), because the way the thing cracked on my lips ehn, infact it was falling off as I was talking :]Y.

The kine speed I used to clean it off after taking the review pictures ehn.

Behhht… I have found my ideal ‘matte’ lipgloss!

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Five Makeup Essential Tips to Get an Instant Glam!

Do you want to step out of the house looking glam for that special event? or simply just because?  Then try out these five essential makeup tips to achieve an instant glam like gbam!


Prepare your (facial) skin

It can never be over emphasized how important it is to take care of your skin. Remember that your makeup is only going to look as good as your skin looks.

3 steps for prep’n your face before makeup:

  • Cleanse‎/wash your face.
  • Moisturize 
  • Prime

 When you take time to prep your skin, it will ‎help your makeup last longer. 


 2. EYES

  • There’s a certain “pop” false lashes gives the eyes. You want an instant glam? Then apply falsies along your upper lid and finish the look with a winged eyeliner!
  • Conceal uneven coloration/dark circles around your eyes using a concealer close to your skin color. Apply in a dabbing motion.




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Intern Spotlight- Yewande- Us girls like to play dress my face up!

Intern Spotlight- Yewande!

Yewande (aka sweets), Jagabeauty’s ever enthusiastic student-turned-intern is ever ready to “practice to perfection” on any willing model’s face.

She has come from working as a business developer to following her passion as a Makeup Artist‎ ~this is the wind that fuels her essence. If you could see passion glisten, you’d definitely see it glisten through Yewande’s eyes.

I have on more than one occasion surrendered my face to her beating, because she never fails to glam me up. There was this day after she was done with my makeup I felt like a Narsist! I have never been that vain in all of my life lolzzz! I practically kept looking at the mirror and making several poses like I was being photographed. Òmó I felt like a star. Lol!

Intern Spotlight-Jagabeauty Makeup School-Yewande-11Makeup by Yewande

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whats the use of love if we can’t “just love”…

“Love… is a shining thing, like a golden fire or a silver mist. it comes very quietly, you can’t command it, but you can’t deny it either.

When it does come, you can’t quite see it or touch it, but you can feel it- inside of you and around you and the person you love.

It changes you; it changes everything. Colors are brighter, music is sweeter, funny things are funnier. Ordinary speech won’t do- you grope for better ways to express how you feel. You read poetry. Maybe you even try to write it… Oh, it’s so many little things.

Waltzing in the dark, waiting for the phone to ring, opening the box of flowers.

It’s holding hands in a movie; it’s humming a sad little tune; it’s walking in the rain; it’s riding in a convertible with the wind in your hair. It’s the quarreling and making up again. It’s that first drowsy thought in the morning and that last kiss at night.”

Joe L. Wheeler

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The song that played on…

Love's Voice

you are nobody until somebody loves you…
you are nobody till somebody cares… Michael Buble was singing over the radio.

nice timing Mike! Christy thought as she sat at the back of the car. She was returning home from work… it was a long day! it looked like it would never end especially since Jeff said those last words that now rang even more in her head as Mike sang that song over the radio!
Jeff had said he was done!
“done? Done with what exactly?” she asked.
“oh don’t play smart with me” Jeff said.
“All I did was love and show you how much I care… but you trampled on my heart. Is it a crime to love? The closer I want to get to you, the farther you run… what are you scared of? It’s been six months now! Today, I reckon that you will never love…

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